“Kristen Carmichael-Bowers is a gem of a teacher! She has the ability to bring out the very best in adolescent singers, both musically and personally. I have seen her transform a group of low energy, cautious teenagers into a sparkling, lovely sounding ensemble. She employs humor, imagination and solid vocal pedagogy to reach and inspire her singers. I recommend her without reservation.”

Janet St. Jean
Artistic Director, Young Singers of Greater Westfield


“Kristen is a true artist, and I am deeply honored that she has performed several of the art songs that I have written. I loved her fluid, pure, silky voice from the first moment I heard her, and it is exhilarating to work with her and watch her apply her artistry, musicality, intelligence, and passion to a piece. Writing for a musician like this has made me grow exponentially as a composer.

I’ve also seen Kristen in action as a vocal coach when she worked with an adult choir preparing my Saxtons River Suite. What she was able to accomplish in a one-hour rehearsal is nothing short of magic, and she managed this miracle by means of visualization, metaphor, body work, and great personal charm and humor. The instrumentalists were as delighted and inspired as the singers, and everyone fell in love with her.”
Carol Wood
Composer and harpist


“Kristen Carmichael-Bowers has been a tremendous asset to my choirs here in Brattleboro. I have been able to invite her in to help shape the sound and strengthen the technique of my singers on several occasions. She has helped in a variety of genres running the gamut between classical and musical theater tone quality. Not only have my singers gained the ability to change their sound stylistically, but they gained knowledge and muscle motor intelligence for what they were doing. Plus, they had a ton of fun while doing all of this thanks to Kristen.”
Patty Meyer
, Director of Choral Music
Brattleboro Union High School/Brattleboro Area Middle Schools


“Kristen did a singing workshop with Hallowell, our 40-member a cappella SATB hospice choir of which I am one of the music directors. The Hallowell singers have a wide range of vocal training experience; some have had years of voice lessons and a lifetime of choral experiences to some who have never studied voice and have started singing in choruses only a few years ago.

Kristen did a fabulous job in her two-hour workshop with us, giving us tools and vocabulary and exercises for improving our singing. She was clear, upbeat, and always positive. She is a very efficient teacher, keeping us engaged as she moved between vocalizations and working on some of the songs in our repertoire. We often refer to some of the concepts we learned in her workshop in our rehearsals, and several chorus members have started taking voice lessons with her, which benefits the whole chorus. Hallowell is planning to work with her again.”
Peter Amidon
Co-Director of Hallowell Music


“Kristen’s teaching combines her extensive understanding of the human voice with the ability to bring out the best in each of her students. She does it with proven techniques, sensitivity, humor, and joy, enabling her students to relax and reach into areas they didn’t know existed, producing a very satisfying, if not beautiful sound. Kristen is a mensch, a gem, a magician, a sprite, a lark, and an overall wonderful vocal coach! She helps her students achieve a relaxed focus so they can get the most out of their voices. With constant encouragement and care for the whole person, Kristen is intuitive about what works best for the individual singer.”
Susie Peters, student


“Kristen is a caring teacher, tuning in to each student’s personality and needs. Students are encouraged to go beyond their limits, and the results are transformational.” – Luba Lischynsky, music educator, pianist, accompanist


“Kristen was my biggest musical influence from ages 11-18. She led me through the rough middle school years; coaxing me out of my shell, both musically and personally. Then, as I became more confident, she willed me to refine my techniques, and I eventually auditioned and got into a Music Education program for college. I am now an elementary music teacher and couldn’t be happier with where music has taken me in life. I know that without Kristen, I would not have reached this dream.
Lindsey Soboleski, former student


“When I moved from Chicago to Vermont, I wanted to continue voice lessons. Having studied with Chicago’s best teachers, I was skeptical that I would find someone of similar ability. When Kristen came into my life, I was astounded to be able to say that she was the best (and most fun) teacher I’d ever had!”
Eloise Chevrier, student


“I have improved exponentially by working with Kristen. She has helped me develop my voice, and has made me more confident about my own vocal and acting skills. She has pushed me past my comfort levels constantly, allowing me to grow, and it is thanks to her that I won first place in the Granite State NATS MT Festival competition and progressed to the NATS National Semifinals.  She is funny but also serious, and has a fantastic work ethic. I consider her to be my friend, in addition to my fabulous voice instructor.”
Anjali. Sundaram, student


“Working with Kristen has released something within myself that I didn’t know I possessed. I have grasped a level of ability with my voice that I had previously thought would forever be out of my reach. She opens doors.”
Maia Gilmour, student


“Kristen Carmichael-Bowers was not only responsible for the tremendous growth I’ve experienced as a vocalist, but instilled a passion in me for the art of performing. I have never been as committed to music as I am now under Kristen’s precise guidance and care. Acting as more than a voice teacher, Kristen has taught me in every aspect of my life, whether it be my challenges with performance anxiety or with ear training. I am blessed to have such a wonderful and dedicated role model in my life.”
Olivia Siegel, student


“I originally went to Kristen for voice lessons because I was so bad at singing that I went flat singing Happy Birthday at a theater audition. Over the course of a year my voice significantly improved to the point where I could sing in public without scaring people. She also helped transition me when my voice changed, learn aspects of music theory related to singing, and I had a wonderful time doing it all. Since then I’ve performed in many local musicals, a professional production, and in various singing groups at my school.”
Daniel Osofsky, student